Musical Time Capsule: Trio

So, this is where the blog starts to get rougher. When I started this blog I thought about songs that I remembered specifically from my childhood. These were songs that for some reason stuck out over the multitude of songs I probably heard along with them. Starting now, I’m including songs that I just want to put into the “capsule,” for no other reason than I like them. Sometimes they might have really heavy meanings, some might just be for sheer fun and that I can’t ever forget about them.

#3 Linkin Park – In The End

This song changed me. See, as I’ve said before, I grew up on two things: country/western and southern rock/blues (though I would fight the second pair for a long time, more on that later). So here I am a kid just listening to Shania Twain, enjoying me some Merle Haggard and hearing Lynyrd Skynrd (again, more on that later) and I just followed that line. This though, was the one that pushed me over the edge.

Really, it’s a pretty standard song, not much razzle dazzle. But I the first time I heard this song on the bus in 6th grade, windows down and rain drizzling outside…it just hit me. This song is all about failure and presents it in a way that many other similar songs never do.

It just doesn’t matter. In the end, none of it is going to mean anything. That failed test, the problems you’ve had, the issues you know….they are all weigh just as much as you let them. I must’ve listened to this song for a year straight. I had never honestly heard anything before that just made it all click. After this, music was sold on me for good.

#4 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Fishin’ in the Dark

Pure fun. That’s what this song is. I used to take trips every summer down to Arkansas (it’s Ark-N-Saw by the way, there is a law in the state forbidding you to call it Ar-Kansas). My stepdad, Billy, is from Arkansas. So, each summer we’d go down there to Spider Creek Resort and spend about a week fishing and just enjoying it. The family down there would be visited and it was generally quite the good time. This song reminds me of those trips. Grandma loves this song. She has a whole CD, it’s just 60 minutes of this song. We’d listen to it the whole way down. I really enjoyed those family vacations. I mega-loathe fishing due to patience, but I will always remember those trips as some of the funnest times, whether I showed it or not.

How about an extra one today?

#5 Shania Twain – I Feel Like A Women

A few things:

1. Everyone deserves a guilty pleasure song. This is mine. Now sit back while I sing this word for word.

2. What are the guys wearing in this video?

3. I’m pretty sure this video at one point was considered racy…..but after Miley’s Wrecking Ball I’m not sure anything will ever feel racy again.

4. Did I mention I really like this song? Yeah, there you have it.


Comment. Enjoy. Until next time.



A Musical Time Capsule: The Sophomore Slump

Ahh, the sophomore post. The big follow up. Guess I better get this started. But first, how about a joke? If I buy a balloon for 0.99, what do I need to sell it for to include inflation?

#2 – Credence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son

A true classic. Written about the Vietnam War (though not expressly stated) this song talks about the “fortunate son’s” who will not have to pay the price for violence. Really, it’s a great song if you’ve never heard and want to listen to a well thought out protest about how the poor die when the rich wage war.

But, that’s not why I’m here. I’m not even old enough to know anything about the Vietnam war other than what is in our textbooks, but this tape got played OVER and OVER and OVER…..while I was jumping on the bed. Don’t tell mom, she warned me not to and I did it anyway…always to this song. I paid for the jumping later with a scar that is still visible, but lets save that for another day.  That guitar part at the beginning though, sheesh, it’s SO simple, but you can feel the backyard, singing from the heart way that Fogerty has blessed music with his whole career and I LOVE IT. It’s just wonderful. Of course, now that I have a degree in recording I can’t help but appreciate the warm, analog feel of this song every time it is on. If you haven’t heard it, which seems crazy, listen to it now.

#3 – Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon

Couple things.

1) That music video…..I haven’t stopped laughing. Who doesn’t like it? Dat werewolf costume. Damn.

2) I remember just straight out dancing my little hips out to this song. I know, one really doesn’t “dance” to this song, but I was young and just as white as I am now. I hadn’t learned the Wobble yet, so sue me. Ozzy is king. I don’t think rock music today would’ve been anywhere close without this guy. He isn’t a good singer, he isn’t a good acrobat, no, he just brings it and doesn’t give a damn. I’ve seen him live, Ozzy was probably the best show I’ve ever seen. He just oozes rock n’ roll.

This song started it all though. Jake E. Lee deserves more credit than he gets, the writing is superb. I’m sure some people wouldn’t like me saying that this is where my love of rock n’ roll started, but this is it. The one that started it all.

Comment. Enjoy. See you next time.

A Musical Time Capsule: Introduction

It’s all pretty fascinating isn’t it? That moment in the movie when we feel the swell of music. It lifts us to a new high or drops us, leaving us isolated to deal with our own sadness. Music has been around forever, literally. The expressiveness is something that can’t be explained, but is understood by everyone. Isn’t that a fascinating characteristic? I wanted to start this blog because I got an idea the other day. What has been my “musical time capsule?” If someone said to me, “Put your musical experiences and discovery into a playlist because I want to hear them,” what would I put in there? If you truly go back to the beginning of your life and start with the music you first knew, what would you put in and why? That’s what this blog has started for, it might not be all about that all the time, but I hope I can give inspiration for people to think about how music has changed them or had some effect on them throughout their lives. So, I guess we should start eh?

#1 Statler Brothers – Flowers on the Wall

So, what is it about this song? Isn’t it impossibly catchy and fun?

Here’s the story. I grew up just south of Wichita, KS. My parents both work(ed) in the aircraft world, which I hear is quite the drag ;), and both grew up in households which were genuinely blue collar. My grandparents lived about a half a mile away from us and own substantial amounts of farmland. So, for as long as I remember I have been around farmlands. Living in Kansas, that’s not hard to do, but you’d be surprised the number of kids who have never heard of some basic things on a farm. Regardless, this meant I grew up early on basically a single musical style: Country. The truth is, today, I can’t stand country. It has just little appeal to me (I’m looking at you Taylor Swift) and I can’t really stand it. In my opinion, country has been a dying genre for some time….

But this song, this genre has so much enjoyment in it. Today, music unfortunately spends so much time on topics that have little value past the end of a day. They just yell and complain about events that a) were brought on by themselves or b) is just a part of life. But due to the straightforward approach and simplicity of topics, I absolutely LOVE this song (and most by the Statler Brothers). I can recall when my sisters and I had to be driven to a drop-off midway point when my parents were working opposite shifts and we would listen to AM 1070 KFTI and this song came on all the time. Such a simple time of music, just enjoying it for what it was. Waking up at 5am every morning was the worst, but I honestly enjoyed every single part of the radio.

So, that’s it for the first of many musical time capsule additions. Hope you all follow me along as I try to pick and choose what I’d keep in my “capsule” for all of time.

Comment. Enjoy. See you next time.